Hologram Projector (VRChat)

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A shader designed to be used in VRChat! As its core is a shader, it is PC only!

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Important: Shader and Projector Prefab (with drone) included. Ear and other example meshes are NOT included. The shader is intended to be applied to your own ear mesh or other mesh you want to make a hologram!

Grabbable projector drone, with distance fading hologram! Your friends can steal your holograms!

Effortlessly turn any object into a hologram with projector lines just by applying the material (after initial prefab setup)!

Tons of customization! Hue shifts, projection distance, flicker strength and more!

4 different projector modes, and 3 variations of the shader are included for increased flexibility.
See the full details and installation instructions in the overview video:

Full text documentation and installation instructions can also be found at: https://docs.zekk.dev/HologramProjector


This product requires Poiyomi shader for the projector drone material! Download Poiyomi from: https://github.com/poiyomi/PoiyomiToonShader/releases


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1.0: Base Release.

1.1: Added: world/object normals mode toggle for the hologram fresnel, automatic hue shift option, option to select cull mode, fixed base property values so that making a new material has sane defaults.

1.1.1: Fixed properties typo breaking the projector hue shift.

1.2: Moved projector lerp value, added a projector noise density slider, added a step noise toggle (with slider to set the value), added use color texture toggle.


By purchasing this product you are agreeing to be subject to the terms and conditions outlined in this TOS section:

  1. You are buying the rights to use this product in accordance with this TOS. I (known as Zekk), as the author of the product, retain full copyrights of this product.
  2. You may not, under any circumstances, share or redistribute this product in any form. To better define this condition, here are some common examples, along with if the action is allowed or not:
    1. Share the product files/unitypackage with a person who has not purchased the files themselves from here first: Not Allowed.
    2. Upload a public or private avatar/world to VRChat that uses the product: Allowed.
    3. Include the product files with an avatar that you are selling or giving away: Not Allowed.
    4. Include the product files with an avatar/asset that you were commissioned to make by a person who has not purchased the files themselves from here first: Not Allowed.
  3. I am not responsible for any damage caused by the use of this product.
  4. You are allowed to use this product in videos and streams, given that the product files are not accessible to the public for download or use.
  5. You may not take credit for this product.
  6. These terms and conditions are subject to change at anytime without notice.
  7. Unfortunately, due to the nature of digital assets, no refunds will be accepted.
  8. Superseding all other terms, this product in all its forms may not be used in any crypto or crypto adjacent project, or for training AI.

COMMERCIAL USE: My TOS is compatible with "dependency" based commercial use. Where a purchaser of your product is directed to purchase my product from this page, and install it along side of your avatar or other product which uses it. It is YOUR responsibility to ensure that no files (including locked shader files) from this product are included in any package you distribute. In addition, due to overall uncertainty surrounding it, this product MAY NOT be used on AVATARS being sold via the VRChat creator economy at this time (worlds involved in the creator economy are fine to use it). This is subject to change at any time.

If you are unsure whether your usage of this product would violate these terms, please reach out to me via the discord server above!
Any TOS or verification inquiries from me will come via discord from: zekk.dev

The avatar model used in all example footage is Merriana by Astrafluff. You can purchase it at: https://astrafluff.gumroad.com/l/Merriana

Avatar model used in second example footage is the Novabeast by Kittomatic. You can purchase it at:

Big thanks to Runefox for suggestions on improving the movement of the drone, as well as assistance testing and getting promo footage. Check them out here: https://runefox237.gumroad.com/

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Holo, hologram, projector, light, shader, interactive, transparent, scifi, sci, tech, cool, prefab

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No Refunds

As this is a digital product, once you have purchased it, there is no way for me to ensure that you have fully deleted the files from your computer. Therefore, I do not accept refunds.

If you have an issue with the product, please contact me through my discord server! Thank you for understanding.

Last updated Jan 18, 2024

Hologram Projector Prefab and Shader

Projector Prefab Stats
2 (or 3 if using camera)
Mesh Renderers:
2 (or 3 if using camera)
Pointlight OR Camera OR Bone:
Physbone Transforms:
Memory Usage:
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Hologram Projector (VRChat)

58 ratings
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